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Guarantee the best print for you and your customers at our state-of-the-art showroom

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Running a print and flexible packaging business is hard.

In today’s competitive market, failing to prioritise quality and reliable surface treatment can result in:

Working with Vetaphone you can trust that we’ll work
tirelessly to ensure that our products are always fit for
purpose, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain.

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Think all surface treatment is the same? Think again!

At Vetaphone, we understand that you want to enhance your product’s performance and reliability.

In order to do that, you need to ensure seamless adhesion and flawless finishes. The problem is, without proper surface treatment, achieving strong bonds is challenging.

Booking a showroom demo will enable you to:

Improve quality and reliability and
take back control of your business
with Vetaphone.

Avoid poor
quality print

Remove poor quality equipment and
partner with a company who truly understands the challenges operators face on daily production runs.

Save money
on maintenance

Working with the inventor of surface
treatment our equipment is designed for
maximum efficiency and ease of use.


Impress your customers with a superior quality end product, leading to improved
relationships and bigger profits.

Equipment on Display


The A-M model is our corona treater for narrow web applications. Its compact size and high-power capacity makes it the perfect fit for most label presses.

This model is double sided corona treater for narrow web presses.

Web Cleaner 
Vetaphone web cleaners are designed for narrow web applications.


The B-model corona treater is the perfect entry level for use in medium- sized blown film extruders, where production speed is relatively low and standard polymers are used in the extrusion process.

The C-model range is the perfect choice if you are running modern blown film lines at higher speeds or producing more complex substrates. The design and build makes it possible to add more power to the corona treatment process.


The VE1C corona treater is our most popular treater for print and laminating processes.


The heavy duty E-station is ideal for high-speed printing and coating thanks to its innovative design.

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Through cutting edge surface technology and proactive, indepth knowledge we help ensure your surface treatment products always remain in optimal condition, preserving the future of your print. 

And because we know minimising production downtime is essential to you, when things go wrong we’re here 24/7, 365 to support you – wherever you are in world.

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